Journal publications

Fitzsimmons, J. M. 2013. How consistent are trait data between sources? A quantitative assessment. Oikos. 122: 1350-1356 [abstract from journal's website]

[Oikos Blog post about my motivations for this research]

Fitzsimmons, J. M. 2012. Local species trading cards: an activity to encourage scientific creativity and ecological predictions from species’ traits. Journal of Natural History Education and Experience. 6: 10-15. [article from journal's website - open access (i.e., free)]

Bertram, S. M., V. L. M. Rook, J. M. Fitzsimmons, and L. P. Fitzsimmons. 2011. Fine- and broad-scale approaches to understanding the evolution of aggression in crickets. Ethology 117: 1067-1080. [abstract from journal's website] [phylogenetic tree used in analyses in Nexus format] [pdf]

Fitzsimmons, J. M. 2011. Online publication: a natural progression for The Canadian Field-Naturalist. Canadian Field-Naturalist 125: 5-6. [article from journal's website] [pdf] (not peer-reviewed)

Burke, R. J., J. M. Fitzsimmons, and J. T. Kerr. 2011. A mobility index for Canadian butterfly species based on naturalists’ knowledge. Biodiversity and Conservation 20:2273-2295. [abstract from journal's website] [the mobility index (referred to as File S3 in paper)] [pdf]

Fitzsimmons, J. M. and L. P. Fitzsimmons. 2010. Pre-copulatory behavior of the wheel bug Arilus gallus (Hemiptera: Reduviidae). Entomological News 121: 304-307. [abstract from journal's website] [pdf]

Fitzsimmons, J. M., S. E. Schoustra, J. T. Kerr, and R. Kassen. 2010. Population consequences of mutational events: effects of antibiotic resistance on the r/K trade-off. Evolutionary Ecology 24: 227-236. [article from journal's website] [pdf]

Fitzsimmons, J. M. and J. H. Skevington. 2010. Metrics: don't dismiss journals with a low impact factor. Nature 466: 179. [letter from journal's website] [pdf] (not peer-reviewed)

Fitzsimmons, J. M. and D. J. Innes. 2006. Inter-genotype variation in reproductive response to crowding among Daphnia pulex. Hydrobiologia 568: 187-205. [abstract from journal's website] [pdf]

Fitzsimmons, J. M. and D. J. Innes. 2005. No evidence of Wolbachia among Great Lakes area populations of Daphnia pulex (Crustacea: Cladocera). Journal of Plankton Research 27: 121-124. [abstract from journal's website] [pdf]

Other publications

I blogged ( and tweeted (@CanFieldNat) for The Canadian Field-Naturalist.

I created a popular series of video tutorials on how to do basic biology statistics and graphs in Microsoft Excel. I created these as Lab Coordinator at Carleton University.

Fitzsimmons, J. M. 2013. Dinosaur Train [TV series review]. Canadian Field-Naturalist 127: 91-93.

Cartwright, C. and J. M. Fitzsimmons. 2012. Software review: SWIFT birding software. Ontario Field Ornithologists News 30: 5.

Fitzsimmons, J. M. 2007. "Maggot: CSI." Article published on, solicited by GenomeBC.

Fitzsimmons, J. M. Sept 2006. Science and Environment articles in the monthly newspaper The Windsor Scoop

Fitzsimmons, J. M. 2005. Book review: For Love of Insects (2003), T. Eisner. Journal of the Entomological Society of Ontario. 136: 89-90. [pdf]

Fitzsimmons, J. M. 2001. Editor of Ehime-ken ALTs’ English Ideas - 2001. Ehime Monbusho (Ministry of Education), Matsuyama, Japan.

Fitzsimmons, J. M. 1999 – 2000. Science section contributions in The Journal, the main student newspaper at Queen’s University.